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Additional Information

Susan Righter
I must create--it is hardwired into my system! When something in my daily rounds "sparks" in and through my heart, the process has begun.  Natural beauty calls to me in those sparks, asking to be captured and shared.  As I travel on the path of my artistic journey, I take those sparks and use them to fuel my work.  
The sparks come to me as fragments, and then something in the movement, line or color of the natural object catches and the idea grows stronger and more developed. Based on these sparks of inspiration, each piece becomes uniquely what it is meant to be, beautiful and energetic, yet different from the last.  
Intriguing to me while I work is the idea of beauty emerging from the roughness of the texture of the surfaces I'm creating in my paintings.  Through my intentional use of texture, I prove that a piece that is physically rough to the touch is as beautiful as a smoothly painted surface. The unique textural qualities of my work applied in a random, inconsistent way lend an element of dimension and depth to my work.  Pushing the process of abstracting the natural form by using a palette knife to paint simple swaths of color while maintaining a sense of representation drives me.  I'm pursuing actively the concept of simplicity through abstraction.  Painting with the essence of the movement quality of a natural object allows me to see each painting in a way that captures it through a filter influenced by my love of dance.
Underlying all of this is a strong conviction that we all are meant to discover our true passion and pursue it, despite life's challenges.  We are created to create. Through my work I want to inspire, engage and capture, or in some cases recapture, a sense of wonder and excitement for the dreams we may have let die. 
Please take your time and expore my galleries--each is vastly different fromt the next.  I am accepting commissions; please contact me if you have an artistic project you would like to discuss with me. 
Indian Creek Community Arts Event, Olathe, Kansas -- November 2011
Darling Yoga Studio Solo Exhibit, Overland Park, Kansas -- January/February 2012
Whole Foods Cafe Solo Exhibit, Overland Park, Kansas -- March/April 2012
The Art of the Drawing Group Exhibit, Hilliard Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri -- March 2012 
Indian Creek Community Arts Event, Olathe, Kansas -- April 2012
"Blessings" Juried Group Exhibit, Mission, Kansas -- May 2012, "Bluebird: Messenger of Hope" Second Place
"Impressions" Missouri Valley Impressionist Society Group Exhibit, Lee's Summit -- May/June 2012
"Art at the Center" Feature Show part of "Stems Plein Air Paint 2012", Overland Park, Kansas -- June/July 2012
"A Public Hanging" -- Kansas City Artist's Coalition Gallery -- November 2012
Kansas City Artist's Coalition Annual Art Auction - February 2013
Darling Yoga Studio Solo Exhibit, Overland Park, Kansas -- May/June 2013
"Friends of Animals" -- Buttonwood Art Space -- Kansas City, Missouri -- June/July 2013
"Extemporary Contemplations" -- Buttonwood Art Space -- Kansas City, Missouri-- December/January 2013/2014
Cafe Gratitude Solo Exhibit -- Kansas City, Missouri -- December 2013
"Shattered Majesty" -- Community Arts Event, Olathe, Kansas -- January 2014 
Darling Yoga Studio Solo Exhibit, Overland Park, Kansas -- January/February 2014
Kansas City Artist's Coalition Annual Art Auction -- Kansas City, Missouri --February 2014
"Sensory Overload" Group Show -Buttonwood Art Space -- Kansas City, Missouri--February/March 2014 
The Art Event at KCC -- Prairie Village, KS -- April 2014 
A Public Hanging Group Show at Kansas City Artist's Coalition, Kansas City, Missouri, November 2014
Textural Explorations: Susan Righter and Jacirah Clay, Antioch Library, Shawnee, Kansas, December 2014 
Darling Yoga Studio Solo Exhbit, Overland Park, Kansas -- February/March 2015 
Kansas City Artist's Coalition "One Night Stand" -- November 2017
Kanas City Artist's Coalition Members' Juried Exhibition at Buttonwood Art Space --December 2017 
Resilience: The 4 Seasons, Juried Group Show, Buttonwood Art Space--February-April 2018
Women in the Arts of Kansas City, Juried Group Show, Paper Birch Landing--March 2018