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Saying “Yes” to the Artistic Spirit Within

by Susan Righter in My Artistic Journey
“Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about…Say yes quckly, if you know, if you’ve known it from the beginning of the universe.” –Julai Ud-Din Rumi

It seems appropriate to start this blog on the eve of the completion of my very first artist’s studio space.  I guess that makes it all real, doesn’t it?  If I have a studio, then I can no longer deny that I am an artist.  Don’t get me wrong; I’ve always known I was an artist, but layers of life have had a way of convincing me otherwise.  

Well, the layers have been stripped back.  It seems I’m one of those old souls who is constantly trying to discover new parts of myself, even when the discoveries can be downright frightening!  But the discovery I speak of today is the realization that I have an “artist’s soul.”  I do, and I’ve always known it.  For some reason beyond my comprehension, I forced it down for too many years, almost as if I didn’t somehow tame it, it would take over and dominate in a way that was uncontrollabe.
It actually has kind of taken over lately.  I can’t seem to get enough art instruction, books about art, information about artists, etc.  But contrary to what I was afraid of happening, it has taken over, but in a very exciting, inspiring, energized way.  It seems to be driving me.  My list of  “Books Read” is filling up rapidly with titles like The Art of Possibility, Twyla Tharp: The Creative Habit, Living Out Loud, and The Art Spirit
Of course, a natural by-product of all of this reading has been creative sparks and charged brain activity.  I want to use these sparks to move forward and find my artistic voice, whatever it ends up being.  I have said “yes” to the artist spirit within, now I have some questions for her.  Let the dialogue begin…. 

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