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Transcending the Mundane and Finding a Creative Headspace

by Susan Righter in My Artistic Journey
Lately, I have been pondering the idea of a “creative headspace.”  I’m not able to consistently access it, but I have had instances when I have attained that particular mode where I lose all sense of physicality, time and space.  I equate the concept of finding this creative headspace with being in close communion with God and His will for me and with transcending the mundane.  Mundane…you know, all of the routine realities of an average American lifestyle: husband, kids, home, cars, pets–you get the idea. Don’t get me wrong–I love my family and my life.  I am so blessed!  But as an artisit, it is so important to be able to access the creative headspace that takes you away from the thoughts of bills to be payed, carpools to be driven, shirts to be picked up, food to be prepared,etc.  It is vitally important for both my mental health and for the quality of the work I produce to be able to escape the routine regulary.
Painting, dancing, and spending time in nature are three of the activities that allow me to access this creative headspace.  But out of the three, painting accesses it most directly.  I can absolutely “lose myself” in a painting and look up and hours will have gone by.   I can sometimes access the space by dancing, but not always, because I am more cerebral when I dance than when I paint.  I can’t seem to get out of my head sometimes, but when I can, it is such a blessing.
One such instance after a particularly magical dance class in May 2008, I wrote this poem: 
In motion
body beats out mind
for airspace
it needs to be…transcendent.
Focus, determination, strength, beauty
not equal to transcendence.
Gifts of brief flashes of
the addictive elixir that is….
perfect combination of love, passion and acceptance
in order to rise above.
Thirsting for it feuls my body;
quenching it creates a sunburst in my soul.