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Forty With a Fabulous Thriving Art Business?

by Susan Righter in My Artistic Journey
Okay…so this is the year I hit the big 4-0!  Yes, it is!!  Surprisingly, I am more at ease with this milestone birthday than I was with 30.  Not sure why, really.  I’m looking forward to forty, because I am striving to become more of who I’m meant to be, which includes building my art business.  In my dreams, of course, the art business will be thriving by the time I turn 40 in October, but I wouldn’t call it thriving yet.  Inching along….yes.  Thriving, no. 
There are so many amazingly creative and artsy people out there, especially on Etsy.  My Etsy site is currently down and being reinvented.  Once I figure it out, I’ll relaunch the site.  During my time on Etsy, however, I found some interesting blogs and really useful information about building an art-based, creative business.  It can be done.  Here’s a short list of links to some of the blogs I found out there that inspired me:
It’s encouraging to see artists who are true to their own artistic voice and to see the myriad of possibilities for art-based businesses.  Encouraging but a little overwhelming, too, because I’m not sure which direction my art business will ultimately go. 
This summer, I’m taking time to play in my sketchbook, work a little on paintings, gather reference material and hopefully, by the time school starts back up, I will have plenty of inspiration and motivation to break through to the next level with my art. 
Thanks for reading.  Always feel free to e-mail me or call me if you have a project I might be able to help you with.  Also, remember I have giclee prints of “Blue Lotus”, “Pink Magnolia” and “Lemons”  on sale for $30, and I would like to take on a couple of portrait commissions to build my portfolio…..$75 each!

Find time to be creative!!