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Maintaining Motivation and Inspiration in the Face of Rejection

by Susan Righter in My Artistic Journey
Oh where, oh where has my inspiration gone? These days, my inspiration to create has been laying low.  A variety of circumstances have conspired against me: busy family schedules, other priorities, service opportunities, dance opportunities, and…rejection.  Yes, rejection.  I was turned down by a local gallery, and I tried to tell myself that it wasn’t that big of a deal or that it wasn’t the right opportunity or that it wasn’t meant to be.  You know, all the cliches we use on ourselves when things don’t turn out the way we hoped.  But, now a month later, I realize I took it more personally than I should have, because I allowed the rejection to shut me down.  I have barely touched my art supplies or my sketchbook since then.  Ouch…rejection hurts, but I won’t allow it to keep me down.
But, I’m not sure what to do to jump start my creativity again.  Surely, my trip to New York City this weekend will be inspiring.  I’ll take my sketchbook and my camera, and perhaps something will catch my eye. 
It’s like I’m afraid that whatever I create now isn’t going to be good enough or perfect.  This is the point at which I need to switch gears and just do it for the fun of it, not because I have some goal in mind or someone else’s idea of what my art should be embedded in my brain.
I have six unfinished paintings in my studio.  Completing one of them would probably help me along.  But, I haven’t been motivated to work on any of them, even though at one point each one of them was very engaging to work on. 
I realize this is kind of a “blah, blah, blah” blog post, but at least it’s a step in the right direction, which will move me forward in the process.  Until my inspiration and motivation return full force, I will focus on living each moment, looking for little bits of inspiration here and there.  I will try to do something every day that moves me along a little further.  Most of all, I need to remember that creating is a gift from God.  Then, I will get out of my own way by telling my ego to “take a hike.” My ego will not be allowed to block the door to my creativity any longer. 

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