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Agape Love & Art

by Susan Righter in Spiritual Musings
Agape gives
Agape embraces
Agape feeds the soul
Agape restores
Agape offers Christ
Agape expands
Agape opens
Agape breathes
Agape cries
Agape expects nothing
Agape is huge
Agape is beauty
During my morning quiet time today, I found myself meditating on the idea of agape love and how it relates to my journey and my art.  I realized that in my own life, and I think this will ring true for many of you, that I have equated the concept of love with approval.  Whether it’s the approval of my family, my friends, my teachers, etc., it always seems to come back to the idea of love being a form of approval. 
God smacked me between the eyes today with the idea that we are to give love with NO expectation of anything in return, which includes approval.  We are called to love without any expectations.  Agape love to me seems less about approval and more about openess and acceptance regardless of any particular person, situation, circumstance, etc.  Each encounter with one another is an opportunity for agape to shine through.
My best work is feuled by love, as long as I don’t blur the line between agape love and love to gain approval. In order for me to be inspired and working on my art consistently, I have to be in a state of agape love.  Sure, I am able to paint or draw if I’m not in that place, but to be truly inspired, I have to let go and simply love openly, with little regard to the outcome and what anyone really thinks about it.
I believe that any truly great work of art, in any form, must come from a place of agape love: a truly giving, open, forgiving place in the spirit.  I’m thankful for this particular lesson this morning.  From now on, I will be much less concerned with how I am received (with approval or not) and much more focused on working with agape love.