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Creative energy + sparks = new work!

by Susan Righter in My Artistic Journey
My creative energy is really surging right now, and I LOVE this feeling!  I feel as if I can’t work enough to bring all of the ideas into reality.  I have been keeping a sketchbook handy for the many thumbnails sketches for painting ideas when they pop into my head. 
As I move through my daily rounds in this heightened spirit of creativity, it seems I can feel the sparks around me.  The energy I receive from other people and their artistry is so important.  It’s as if there’s this undercurrent of creativity running through everything for me right now, and it’s so fun!
At this point, my ideas aren’t limited to the canvas, either.  I’m also feeling very inspired to choreograph lyrical/contemporary jazz dance pieces.  After watching “Time and a Season”, the event where I displayed my art over the weekend, I had a burst of an idea for a specific dance piece.  So, of course, I grabbed my sketchbook.  It’s so weird how this type of inspiration comes in waves.
Most of the ideas for paintings are on the abstract side.  While I enjoy the process of painting realistically, most of my unique inspiration tends to be abstract and it has a strong design element to it.  So, as I prepare for my art show at Darling Yoga in January/February, I’ll be working around a couple of themes: “Fluidity in Motion” and “Moving Through the Pieces.” I’m excited to explore design, texture, pattern and color in these pieces.  At this point, I have five thumbnail sketches that I’d like to paint on square canvases of various sizes.  I’ll post when I finish the first new work! 
Here’s hoping you find time to be creative.