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Dream Big…You Have to Believe in Yourself First!

by Susan Righter in Uncategorized
I believe in dreaming big!  Why not?  If you never dream big, then you always exist in a smaller version of yourself than may be possible.  I believe our Great Creator gives us big dreams for a reason.  Have you ever had a random inspiration or idea that really didn’t seem like it came from you at all?  I know I have, so I try to stay attuned to these flashes and sparks of imagination.
My current version of a big dream is the Artist’s Wanted: Self 2012 contest.  The grand prize is $10,000 and a gallery show in NYC.  How cool would that be?  Of course that little voice inside my head says, “There’s no way! That’s ridiculously out of reach for you!”  Hey, maybe it is, but it’s fun to try and in the process, I learn about myself, continue to create and shoot for the stars.
If I don’t believe in myself, how can I expect others to believe in me?  That’s where it all starts: believing in yourself first.  Once you do, a shift in your mentality or conciousness occurs and you move through your daily rounds in a slightly (or possibly a quite dramatically) different way.  Yes, we all have self-doubt, and I think artist-types are particularly susceptible to this wicked demon, but with practice, courage and faith in our God-inspired dreams and abilities, we can put it down and accomplish our dreams!
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