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As I Ponder Thoughts of Home–Textural Explorations Exhibit

by Susan Righter in Shows and Exhibits
Abstract Sunflowers
acrylic on canvas
now on display at “Textural Explorations” 
“Home in My Spirit”
Mundane yet magical–most definitely home
a sense of place in my spirit
From which I will never depart
nor would I try
A fire in my spirit–most definitely home
to create authenticity
in love, in art, in movement, in colorful lines and swirls:
in textural explorations.
(c) 2015 Susan Righter 
I have an artist’s reception to attend on Saturday for my “Textural Explorations” exhibit at Antioch Library.  The larger theme for all of the exhibits in the Johnson County Library System is “Home.”  As I’ve pondered my thoughts of “Home” and how this relates and translates in my work, I’ve realized this simple word may be defined in countless ways, but for this exhibit I’m choosing to focus on “Home” as a place in my spirit from which I create.  
Art, expression and creativity have become my home, so to speak.  In order to be effective in any endeavor one must feel “at home.”  Though not all of my work is literally connected to the concept of home in a domestic sense, it is connected in that symbols of my sense of home show up throughout my work.   
For example, “Abstract Sunflowers” shown above, is not specifically related to the concept of “Home,” but it communicates a sense of it to me.  I moved to Kansas from Georgia.  Georgia is the Peach State, Kansas is the sunflower state.  The first fall in Kansas, I was completely in awe of the wild sunflowers all over our area, even right outside our neighborhood!  I’ve enjoyed displaying this piece in our home in between exhibits, and I must admit I miss it when it’s on display somewhere! 
I hope if you’re in the area, you’ll be able to attend my “Textural Explorations” show this Saturday at Antioch Neighborhood Library, 1:00-2:30,

Several of my pieces are on display alongside several from my homeschooled student’s work.  Her pieces are whimsical, charming and unique.  I’ll be talking more about my artistic process and the home in my spirit for art.  
Artfully yours,