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Guest Blog: “Words: They Matter” from Erin Paige Stegman at Erin Paige Designs, LLC

by Susan Righter in Guest Blog



Words: They Matter

Just when I thought I had it all together this morning, I found myself crying in a coffee shop in front of a salesman I was having a business meeting with. I am not quite sure how to describe the tears at this moment, but maybe the right word will come to mind as I write. Or, maybe I will keep the words to myself and close to my heart.

No, it wasn’t that the gentleman I have known for over 5 years now said anything derogatory, hurtful, or crushed me by stating he would no longer do business with me. It was our typical flow in conversation where we start off chatting about business and what is happening in the market to a smooth transition into family and everything else. He has seen me go through many situations in these last several years and was the first person who told me in a parking lot about a year ago as I gave him a current catalog to one of the lines I represent, “I have to tell you, you look much happier than I have seen you in the past. It’s not that you looked terribly unhappy before, but there is a new glow about you.” I thanked him and have reflected on this moment and haven’t been able to do anything else except agree with him. There was a time several years ago where I was extremely unhappy and just didn’t know it until that time had passed.

So, today as we talked about my upcoming vacation with my son and how I came about deciding on our destination, he said something that made my eyes well up immediately. There was no warning or time to prepare for this moment and keep my composure. He said, “Your son is very lucky to have you as his mom.” A simple statement. Just a few words. And, I was red-nosed and teary.

Being a single mother I don’t have someone who tells me this after a long day of work and motherhood. There is no voice that whispers in my ear telling me I did the right thing by being his mother and not his friend. No hug is given after my son has a hormone swing and his emotions go a little cray cray. (Parents of teenagers know what I am talking about.) What I do have is the inner voice that is my own – this is where I snuggle in comfort and trust that I am doing the best job I am capable of at this time.

The salesman apologized for making me cry and was a little taken back and didn’t know what to do. My response was, “Oh boy, Rick, you got me. Don’t apologize. The tears mean I needed to hear it. I can’t thank you enough and appreciate it. (sniffling) NOW…how’s you grandson?!”

When we departed and I got into my car I realized how important words are. Some words bring hurt and some bring joy. Today, I needed to hear that the most important job I will ever have is seen as good and, maybe, based on my statement about our special vacation and how I parent, my position as his mother is succeeding.

I have been a bit emotional since then.

This moment in time is mine, but the story rings true for all. Be kind. Be present and, if you feel something, say it. Your words may just be what the other person has been craving and longing for. One statement changed my entire day and touched my heart and soul dearly.

Who’s life will you change?

In health and happiness,



Erin Paige Designs LLC