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Rediscovering My Love of Design

by Susan Righter in My Artistic Journey
Rediscovering My Love of Design 
I’ve always loved design–in any form, really. Decidedly, it is one of my first loves. It informs my art and gives me an underlying framework to build upon. It’s a structure, a way of thinking about what I create that defines it. Even at my most expressionistic, I rely on design for support.
Throughout high school and college, I explored various forms of art and design, including advertising design, graphic design, drawing and painting. As a young adult, I practiced some graphic design. In my middle age, I’m practicing fine art and graphic design as part of my Sweet Serendipity Art business.
I love being an artist and practicing art!  It has filled my life with an abundance of great energy and wonderful people over the past few years. I’m excited about where my painting and drawing will continue to lead. However, I’m adding design back into the mix!
In January, I started the Interior Design, A.A.S., program at Johnson County Community College. I’m enrolled in Interior Design I and Architectural Drafting for Interior Design. I’m loving it!  It’s as if a little piece of the puzzle has clicked into place. As I’ve told many people, I’m totally “nerding” out on being back in school.  It’s so energizing to be using that more analytical, precise side of my brain for a change.
Once I complete the program, which may be years from now at this pace of two courses per term, I hope to explore the business concept of an art consulting business, but not in the traditional format of a gallery. I’d like to work as a liaison between local artists and the interior design community and establish an interior design business with a focus on art placement. I’m keeping notes about artists I’d like to represent!
As I progress through the program, I plan to continue with Sweet Serendipity Art as time and energy permit. The class projects take a good bit of time, and since I’m being so nerdy about going back to school, I’ve set very high standards for myself. So, if you’ve noticed a slower pace in my art productivity lately, that’s why.  I will continue to explore my painting and drawing style, and perhaps a limited amount of time will help me to further clarify my style.
As usual, I will follow where this path leads.
Artfully yours,