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    Come join me at my new Susan Righter Art & Design Instagram!   I’ll be posting inspiration, works in progress, show information, sale information, and much more!   Hope to see you there!   Artfully,  Susan     SaveSave

Rediscovering My Love of Design

  Rediscovering My Love of Design    I’ve always loved design–in any form, really. Decidedly, it is one of my first loves. It informs my art and gives me an underlying framework to build upon. It’s a structure, a way of thinking about what I create that defines it. Even at my most expressionistic, I… read more

Painting My Way Through the Carpool Lines of Life

    Miriam Schapiro, Explode, 1972       Painting My Way Through the Carpool Lines of Life! I am determined to paint my way through the carpool lines of life.  Yes, you read that right.  OK, not literally, but in a sense I am doing just that.  I am striving to keep the artistic and… read more

I painted a rainbow!

Painting rainbows…there’s a metaphor in there somewhere.  Show of hands…how many of you have painted a rainbow that looks at least somewhat realistic?  Yeah, that’s what I thought…heehee.  It ain’t easy; pardon my intentional poor grammar there.  However, now that I’m somewhere over the rainbow, both geographically and metaphorically, I will reflect on the painting… read more

Happy Summer! What’s Happening in my Studio This Summer

  Happy Summer from Susan Righter Art and Sweet Serendipity Art on Etsy!    I hope the summer is off to a great start for all of you!  So far, so good for me. Creatively, I’m looking forward to moving forward and further developing my own unique style.  I have a couple of portrait commission… read more

Metamorphosis: A Liberating Move Towards Simple Abstraction

  “Metamorphosis” 14 x 14 acrylic on canvas   Metamorphosis:  a major change in the appearance or character of someone or something   Birth of my fine art:  Representation/Realism?   If you take a look at my galleries on my Web site (born on or around March 2010), you’ll notice a dizzying array of mediums… read more

I’m moving into a new studio space with InterUrban ArtHouse in Overland Park!

        I’m so excited to share that I will be sharing studio space with several other artists and the InterUrban ArtHouse starting in December!  Please visit their Web site and latest blog post using this link: .  I can’t wait to see all of the great programming that this creative, energetic, visionary group of… read more

The View From McGee Street

    Let me start by saying that having my drawing of Audrey Hepburn chosen for a group exhibit at the Hilliard Gallery for March has truly been a “pinch me” experience thus far!  As an “emerging” artist, it can be overwhelming at times to see how much great art and how many great artists there are… read more

Reflections on My Artistic Journey in 2011 and Plans for My Art in 2012

  This year in my artistic journey, I’m so grateful for….   · Great art teachers and classes in the KC area · Expansion in my perception of art · Connections with other artists in the area · Acceptance into the KCAI Certificate program · Realization that art is what I want it to be · Opportunities to participate in shows · Motivation… read more

Creative energy + sparks = new work!

My creative energy is really surging right now, and I LOVE this feeling!  I feel as if I can’t work enough to bring all of the ideas into reality.  I have been keeping a sketchbook handy for the many thumbnails sketches for painting ideas when they pop into my head.    As I move through my… read more