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Spiritual Musings

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Agape Love & Art

Agape gives Agape embraces Agape feeds the soul Agape restores Agape offers Christ Agape expands Agape opens Agape breathes Agape cries Agape expects nothing Agape is huge Agape is beauty   During my morning quiet time today, I found myself meditating on the idea of agape love and how it relates to my journey and my… read more

Comfort Zone

COMFORT ZONE Let’s face it…we all have one.  And we want to stay in it.  Don’t even think about trying to push us out of it.  Right?  I don’t even want to walk the line on my comfort zone sometimes.  God will push me to edge of my comfort zone, but most of the time,… read more

Have Heart?

Solomon used the word “heart” 79 times in the book of Proverbs.  I’d often wondered how many times he used it, so yesterday I counted.  In 31 chapters, he uses it 79 times.   What’s interesting is that he has two different approaches in his usage.  The first is in the context of us having… read more