REFUGE: a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger or trouble.


Welcome to my Winter 2021 Collection, REFUGE.  A collection that explores what refuge means and suggests that we can find refuge in nature, our creative pursuits, our families, our homes, and our faith.  Created during a pandemic and time of unrest in our world.  My hope is that by creating art inspired by some of my favorite places, the North Carolina coast and the mountains of Utah, I will send a little bit of light out into the world and, with that, create a little bit of refuge for you.

You’ll find 22 paintings ranging in size from 4″ x 4″ to 16″ x 20″, painted in my first signature color palette, created just for this collection.  Prices range from $50 – $300.  I hope that through this collection you will be able to start or add to an art collection of your own.  Surrounding yourself with beauty inspired by nature is a gift to your well-being.  Art adds so much to our spaces, and you all deserve to be surrounded by beauty!


If you’re ready to explore REFUGE, here’s a link to the gallery: